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Every great journey, just like a tale, starts off with a beginning. However, not all these beginnings are what one might think they would be, filled with anxiety, doubt, and fear. Case in point being Bilbo Baggins, a reference that comes to mind thanks  to my watching the second installment twice.

But such beginnings are almost always laced with some degree of hope, whether it is hope that everything turns out well or hope that when the time comes, you will be able to step up and cast aside personal demons to tackle the struggles lie waiting to pounce on you on your darkest days.

It has been about two and half weeks since I left my home land to embark on a journey to start a new life. I do not know where the road ahead will lead me or B, but that hope is, thankfully, more than a glimmering presence in my mind. It is a great force and I hope its resource never depletes.

It is that exact hope that is fueling the faith I have in pursuing my writing career, pushing me forth. Despite the doubts that others have exhibited on my talents and potentials, I have learnt that no matter what someone tells you, it is what you think that makes you a success – or otherwise.

So here it is, my first blog post on my first grand life-changing adventure!


One thought on “I.

  1. Bravo! Listen to no naysayers! Listen to ur inner u! I will want ur autograph one day and am already proud u wrote a piece on me..cos one day I will say to everyone, oh jn I know her!

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