she & The Sea

This remains one of my favorite personal works. It was originally published on WritersClubKl.


I stand at the sea’s front, amazed at her majesty. She is in full form today, in all her blue majesty. Waves crashing onto the shore.

I slowly wrap my red woolen sweater tightly around myself and nestle in its warmth.

Eyes closed, I breathe deeply trying to inhale her  scent. Deep in that breath, I offer her all of me – my dreams, wishes, deepest desires, darkest secrets. I confide in her my fears and abandon my regrets.

“Let go,” she commands quietly. I do not resist, obeying immediately.

I spread my toes out on the sand, digging them deeper. The tiny grains cling onto my skin. I try to wiggle my toes further in.

“Come,” she tells me.

I slowly unwrap my sweater.

Undo my hairband.

I slide off my blouse, then my camisole. I unbutton my pants. Take them off. I slip off my panty and am at last completely barren to her, body and soul

I get wet even though there was no man in sight. I run my long fingers through my dark, long hair. A soft zephyr dances by, kissing my skin softky. She keeps on calling to me, a note gentle yet  distinctive command in her voice.

Slowly, I walk  towards her.

As I dip my feet in, I look at her. It was as if she has her arms wide open, ready to embrace all of me.

I walk in further and goosebumps break across my skin. I begin to trembl slightly,perhaps partly from the eagerness of tasting this moment.

I venture further in.

She kisses my skin, every inch while caressing me everywhere else. She slid her tongue into me and kissed me. I wade in further and her kisses trailed up my stomach to my nipples and I could do nothing else but dive further in. Eyes closed, I want her to want me as much as I want her. I want her to feel the way I do. Slowly and purposely, she makes her way up my neck and to my lips.

My palms touch her fluid surface and I am trembling at her power, her beauty and her consuming nature.

I walk in further, giving myself to her. All of me.

I let go of everything – my past, my present – and surrender to her for her to do as she wills. I keep my eyes open at firs, trying to see her realm, completely take in her beauty.  I swim headfirst into her belly, wanting to surrender more and more of myself to her.

Until finally, my legs and arms were too tired and I could see nothing but her.

And then….

And then I let go. And she takes over me. And, finally, I was. Or rather, I am. Nothing behind. Nothing in front.I feel whole. And when she finally consumes me, I am finally and truly complete.



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