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A Voice Silenced

A Voice Silenced

Today, The Atlantic reported that Anja Niedringhaus, an Associated Press photographer was shot to death by an Afghan policeman. Niedringhaus,a Pullitzer Prize winner, was covering the upcoming Afghan election and has for over two decades photographed conflicts in the region.

The series of photographs posted on this link portrays the struggles from different groups of people in Afghanistan – the people of the country who have to rebuild their lives from the ruins of a war, the brave soldiers who have to brave bullets to serve their country and the new generation of women who are determined to pave their own path despite the odds.

It is never an easy task, going out into such hazardous conditions to capture moments that the rest of the world needs to see. For this, I salute Niedringhaus and the other members of the media who have risked their lives to shed light on places and situations where others dare not go.


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