Daily Prompt – Summertime glee

Oh, Summer, how beautiful you are! And why, such a flirt!

Teasing me till late at night,refusing to shut out the Sun’s light

Fooling me to think there are more hours to the day to while away

Alas, you cannot diminish the existence of time

Nor the dull regulations my body lives by

“Get 8 hours of rest,

Or tomorrow, try as you may, you will never be at your best!”

A ritual I indulge in, so as to seize my its giddy thoughts

A glass (or two) of Malbec I sip on

A soothing jazz tune playlist I play (thank you Spotify)

A delicious book of fiction I unleash my mind on

My spirit is occupied, soothed and quietened

No, Summer, I can’t play so late, I truly am sorry

But as soon as you kiss me tomorrow morning

I will arise and we shall dance again.


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