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If there was ever a time I wished I own a fancy camera, it was when I visited Norway on a work trip. Throughout the short trip there, my company and I visited the more underpopulated areas of the country and if words cannot encapsulate the astounding landscape, maybe an expensive camera might. I felt overcome with so much amazement and wonder at such serene and beautiful surroundings, it was truly as if it was picked right out of a fairy tale.

One of the places we spent the night in was Lovund, a tiny island powered by a Norwegian company that farms mainly salmon. There didn’t seem to be much to do here, but it was apparent through my interactions with the locals that the number of young adults on the island was increasing. People wanted to come back here and contribute to the community, building their lives here away from the busy lOslo.

Another thing that struck me during the trip, especially in Lovund, was the amount of respect that the locals have for their local resources. During a tour of the fish company, we were asked to not photograph a specific portion of the packaging process, where the fish were killed. This was, as our host explained to us, out of respect for the organisms that were being sacrificed for our consumption.

I suppose this is closely related to the Norwegian way of life. While things are generally expensive there, people are well-provided for by their government including with one of the best education systems in the world. During my short time here, I noticed that life didn’t seem to be about making money so that one can indulge, but making enough money to live a happy and fulfilled life, where one is healthy, educated and there is time to spend with family.

So despite having already been there, Norway is still on my list of countries to visit and it will only be complete with a visit to the majestic fjords and observing the Northern Lights.

If you’d like to read more about my trip to Norway, here are two articles I wrote from the trip published for Options, The Edge.

Epicurean haven

Norway Nordic Tranquility


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